Are you aware that aerial advertisements are known to be the most memorable medium that can be used among all other types of advertising? In fact, research shows that eight out of ten people that witness this impressive form of advertising will tell you that they actually remember the name of the product and their promotional message. There is a simple reason why this is so. The thing is, looking at an aircraft or an airship purposely promoting your products and services in the sky is not a small matter. It is actually a huge deal! Very few companies actually consider this method. They often veered towards the more conventional ones like online ads, billboards, commercial advertisements, radio promotions, snail mails, etc.

These are the most common and most used techniques and you would not want to be in this crazy competition where there are a lot of distractions and whatnots. Don't you think these things are a bit overrated? If you really want to get your money's worth, then you really might want to consider air ads. This can guarantee you a sure conversion rate from anyone who sees it. There are many reasons why aerial advertising is capable of having a high retention rate from its viewers. First, you are using the sky as your backdrop for advertising. Unless you are an aircraft, almost no one uses the air for other purposes other than for flight usage. This can give you an advantage because you can have the whole horizon for your own use to promote whatever it is that you want to promote. It has no distractions and it is way up in the air, a convenient place where everyone can literally see.

There are many types of aerial advertising. These are air blimps, air banners that can be done by logo boards, aerial letters, or regular air banners (like your usual billboards but in the air), helicopter banners (huge ones for that), and of course, let's not forget skywriting, the most exquisite form of air advertisement of course.

What is skywriting? Like it was mentioned earlier, skywriting is a type of air ad that consists of a customized jet plane that spells your message across the sky in big, very distinct letters. Each letter is extremely big, as tall as the skyscrapers and as wide as a football field. Of course, you won't realize this unless you were able to see these letters up close. This makes it visible from the ground. The best part is, the jet plane that is being used has a special viscous fuel that can cause white dense smoke that can withstand strong winds in high altitude. This makes the message stays across the air longer.

As for the pilot that controls the airplane, he has a GPS device that can efficiently guide him where to go. This results to an almost perfect alphabet. However, previous pilots used their skills to spell out the letters, which is more difficult since they do not depend on a gadget that can easily lead them where to put the smoke. Today, they use the dot matrix method wherein they spell out the letters with dots to make the word last longer in the sky. Skywriting is really the best way to wow everyone, giving you a profitable business in no time!